‘Misplaced Memories’ Installation

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A collaborative installation at the prestigious Tate Britain, designed to immersively investigate individual and collective memories. Funded by the Arts Council for England, the project was part of Tate Britain Families’ Festival; Specifically intended to engage in a cross-generational way, being inclusive without emphasising age boundaries. In a series of curated spaces, conversations were prompted to elicit and share visitor’s memories. This through various creative engagement techniques. These conversations were established by curated performers, artists, talks, interactive workshops and guest speakers.

ArchitectureDoingPlace were commissioned to provide a unifying design approach for the installation in the stately and imposing Duveen Galleries. We designed projection screens for video artists ‘Dubmorphology’, as well as a bespoke play-fort, conceived with cardboard, in which singer and performance artist, Lady Vendredi interacted with members of the public. The structures were designed to be practical and demountable given the tight budget. The installation was expected to tour around the UK on the back of its success.